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The dummies design changed very little since the first edition of DOS For Dummies published in 1991. This updated logo and identity conveys a modern, approachable, and fresh feel to the brand. The typeface, logos and icons are updated to reflect this modernization for the dummies brand. Icons not only help define topics, but also actions and activities.

A brand that empowers the customer to gain the skills, knowledge and insights they need to be successful – 'Learning' indicates the purpose of the brand and 'Made Easy' sets an expectation for the experience that users will have with dummies.

Anyone who is new to a topic and wants a clear and convenient reference. dummies explains things in an approachable and easy to understand manner. The brand is enthusiastic, clever and genuinely excited about helping the customer learn anything, in whatever format they want.

  • A dummies author is a subject expert who's on the reader's side — they know what information readers need, and present it in a non-intimidating way
  • The author focuses on two magical words: 'You can'. They empower consumers to tackle tasks that may otherwise be too intimidating ("You can make sure your Web site is ranked high in search results by following these guidelines," or, "You can save enough money for retirement if you follow these steps"). They help consumers feel confident with a subject that previously had seemed too over-their-heads ("Calculating the value of x is as simple as following this rule")
  • The text is conversational — it's written how people talk, which instantly establishes the author as a non-threatening helper
  • The author includes minimal jargon, avoiding technobabble that only intimidates and confuses readers who are unfamiliar with a subject. When the author introduces new terms, they are defined so that readers know what's being discussed and don't feel left out or left behind
  • The author doesn't talk down to readers; they treat readers as equals and friends, not as students or children
  • The author knows what information readers need and what information they don't
  • A refreshed Dummies Man returns to the cover (on front, back and spine)
  • The new cover design features more colour, fewer text blocks and more prominent images
  • The amount of copy on the back cover is reduced
  • Aside from the yellow and black, which remains as a key brand identity element, the covers feature additional accent colours chosen according to themes in images and product differentiation
  • The feature box on the front cover will be smaller and changed from black to the 'accent' colour.

Updated interiors feature new icons and updated typography.

No. Existing books reprinted in the new design feature updated covers and interior formatting, but content remains the same.

No further refresh will be made to the design of titles which fall under the 'For Kids' brand.

A refreshed, easier to use Dummies.com will continue to deliver free learning experiences in an approachable way – providing content in video, text, step by steps, cheat sheets and more so that every learner can acquire the knowledge and information they need when they need it the most.

Yellow and black appeared on the first dummies book to distinguish it and make it (and all other books that followed) stand out from the crowd.

dummies describes digital proprieties as well as the brand as a whole. for dummies refers specifically to print and ebook products and will continue to be used as part of the title on those products.

The following products are available:

  • For Kids
  • For Seniors
  • Enhanced edition, eBook only
  • Essentials
  • Book + DVD Bundle
  • Audio Sets
  • Original
  • All-in-One
  • Workbooks
  • Phrase Books
  • Test Prep with Online Practice Tests
  • eLearning Kit

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